Law Pun of the Year Award

Why I Started Doing Stand-up Comedy in Japan | Tokyo Weekender

“Because we all need a good laugh…”

In the middle of a pandemic, we suspect that everyone is in need of a good laugh (or even a groan inducing smile). With that in mind, we are launching the ‘Law Pun of the Year Award’ to find the best legal pun in 2020. Have you seen a great legal pun on Twitter, in the media or in a journal article (from anywhere in the world)? Then please nominate your favourite law pun for the award, with prizes for both the author and nominator.

  • Closing Date: Nominations close Tuesday 30th of June 2020
  • Prize: The author of the pun will receive a certificate and wine pack, and the nominator will receive a wine pack (of suitably puntastic Australian wine)
  • Judging: We are thrilled to announce that the prize will judged by the Chair of the Council of Australian Law Deans, Prof Lesley Hitchens, in her absolute discretion and on the sole basis of what makes her laugh the most.

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